Owen and Candace in Publishers Weekly! About the reissues

UPDATE: Check out the books page on this blog for links to the e-books on all platforms!

Ebook pub dates for US and Canadian readers:

Owen Archer mysteries: 28 July 2015

Margaret Kerr mysteries: 11 August 2015

Early June 2015: Exciting news for my US and Canadian readers–I have signed a contract with the energetic team at Diversion Books, who will be bringing out all the Owen Archer and the Margaret Kerr mysteries here in the States, in ebooks and trade paperbacksoon! This includes the two Margaret Kerrs never released in the US (The Fire in the Flint and A Cruel Courtship) and the two Owen Archers never released here (The Guilt of Innocents and A Vigil of Spies). Watch this space for updates!


My Czech publisher, the Euromedia group, has made an offer for A Triple Knot!



14 thoughts on “News”

  1. Alison Perkins said:

    Forgive me for using this forum, but I have been unable to ascertain this information anywhere else…

    This is a question for Candace Robb please – are you going to write any further Owen Archer mysteries please? As a fellow historian also interested in the medieval period, I just love what you have created with this series. You have absolutely breathed life into the characters and their challenges, and I really long for the next adventure for Owen and Lucy. We have waited such a long time for a new book.
    Is there any chance?

    Kind regards,


    • Candace Robb said:

      If you read through the comments, you’ll see that many ask the same question, so no apologies necessary. I am always delighted to hear from a reader wanting more Owen and Lucie stories. The reality of my life is that writing is my day job, my livelihood, so contracted books must have priority, and at present those are the Emma Campion historical novels. But I’m not finished with Owen and Lucie, and hope to carve out time (even better, acquire a contract) to continue their stories. My research for The King’s Mistress and A Triple Knot is feeding my imagination for my favorite couple and the inhabitants of my favorite city.



      • Connie Rawa said:

        Please do write another Owen Archer. I just finished book ten, at 6 o’clock in the morning and found out there are no more.


  2. Cheryl Wolfe said:


    I also was wondering what had happened to Owen Archer, but I also want more Margaret Kerr!
    Is there any chance of more from this lady?

    Best wishes,


    • Candace Robb said:

      Had you asked this a few weeks ago I would have said no, no chance of another Margaret Kerr book. But an idea for a standalone novel about Maggie once she’s spent some time in Kilmartin has been floating around in my head for days. I’d use the 3 “mysteries” as backstory, but this would be about a woman with the Sight coming to an acceptance and embrace of her unique ability. And how both sides of the struggle for Scotland would want to use her.

      The problem with the Maggie books is that they were marketed as similar to the Owen Archers, which they were never meant to be. The whole point was to do something different, and I’d just reached the big moment in her life at the end of the 3rd book when I stopped, needing to step back and rethink how I was presenting it (or the publisher was…).

      No promised date. I have an Owen Archer that’s much farther along in the planning stage to do first. And Emma has another project on the back burner, not to mention the deadline rushing toward her…us…them on The Hero’s Wife!

      Thank you for your interest! I’d love to hear what it is about Maggie you like.



  3. Susan Daley said:

    Did your American publisher drop the Owen Archer series? I’ve had trouble finding the last two books that you wrote about them. You weave wonderful tales!



    • Candace Robb said:

      The 9th and 10th Owen Archers have not been published in the US, but my agent and I are working on that. I was in the midst of the Margaret Kerr trilogy when my US editor died, and what was then Warner Books (now Grand Central) dropped Mysterious Press and many of the crime writers, including me. As the crime market in the US was in turmoil at the time, I quietly continued on with my European market, which has remained robust. Thank you so much for your note! I love weaving wonderful tales for delightful readers like you, Susan.



  4. Candace, I am hoping to reach you from the distant past this way because I don’t seem to have you phone number any more. I would like to connect you to the Facebook page for a feature length documentary I just finished, which is premiering in a week here in Hawai`i. We met at the beginning of your career and look at you now! I am so proud of what you’ve accomplished. Do come say “Hello” via,
    or just search “Nona Beamer: A Legacy of Aloha.”
    Looking forward to hearing back. Aloha, Linda


  5. Marie-Catheirne said:

    I’m a French reader, and I just love Owen Archer books and Margaret Kerr books as well…I look forward to reading any of your books… Thank you for the delightfull you’ve given to all you readers!


  6. I gather that the last two books of the Owen Archer series have still not been published in the US since I am still unable to locate them here in the US. I will consider purchasing them from Amazon UK. They are wonderful novels and I hope that an American publisher gets smart… Best of luck from Seattle.


    • You’re right, The Guilt of Innocents and A Vigil of Spies are still unpublished in the US, though my agent is working on that, especially as I’m planning an 11th after the next Emma Campion is complete. Thank you for the good wishes!


  7. Elayne Knowles said:

    I have jusit finished Vigil of Spies.looking forward to the next Owen Archer book.


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