11 May at 1:30-3:00 pm  part of the International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University
session 49: When Medievalists Fictionalize the Middle Ages
my paper: The Mean Streets of Medieval York: The Murder Mystery as Cultural Lens

13 May at noon-1:00 Kazoo Books in the bookroom at the International Congress on Medieval Studies
Q&A and signing with a host of great writers

14 May 1:00 pm Aunt Agatha’s Mystery Bookshop
signing with Sharan Newman and Greg Jolley

17 May noon Seattle Mystery Bookshop  signing

8 June, 7-8:30 pm Leeds Library, Leeds Big Bookend is sponsoring  In conversation with Candace Robb—my friend and fellow historical crime writer Chris Nickson will be interviewing me.

12 June, 6:30-7:30 pm at York Explore
part of the York Festival of Ideas
For What It’s Worth… a workshop exploring the late medieval York setting for my books and the types of objects one might possess in the city for which people may steal (or kill!).

23-25 June, Historical Novel Society Conference, Portland, OR
23 June: 3:45-4:45  Session From Backlist to Frontlist with Jennifer Weltz and Ann Moore
open book signing on Saturday, 24 June


4 thoughts on “Appearances/Events”

  1. Mary Morse said:

    Hi Emma–I finally got around to reading your blog. It’s wonderful–full of lively an intriguing research tidbits. I’ve bookmarked it. Maybe I can get Sus and Heidi to your SF events. Then you finally can meet my lovely girls. Summer in Duluth is very relaxing. I hope you’re getting a little break too! Here’s to Alice! Mary


  2. Hey, Mary–Thanks for the feedback! Hah–a break? I wish…. I’m so glad you’re having one.

    It would be such fun to meet Sus and Heidi. I’ll email you with more details. Emma


  3. peg rider said:

    When will you return to Owen Archer?


  4. Hi Candace – It’s a long time since I cried at the death of a character, but I did at Thoresby’s death in Vigil of Spies. As a writer of crime fantasy set in an alternate Tudor history, your skill in drawing me in and making me live the story speaks for itself. I discovered Lucie and Owen a long time ago and, as I live relatively close to York, their stories have always held that extra dimension. More Owen Archer and soon. Please??


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