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I’m delighted to be signing copies of the Kate Clifford series, (first face to face booksigning for A Murdered Peace!), at the Edmonds Bookshop in Edmonds, WA, on Saturday, 2 March, from noon till 1:00 pm. It will be SUNNY! Edmonds is on Puget Soundm and tomorrow the view will be spectacular across the Sound to the Olympics. Sparkle on the water! But first, come chat with me.

Attending events such as this show your support for local authors and keep independent bookshops in business. Watch for them and make an event out of your attendance–you’ll make authors and bookshop owners so happy.

My inspiration for this blog post was a Twitter thread by Joanne Harris, an author I admire (and enjoy). She regularly invites requests for 10 post threads, many of them writing tips. This particular one was #TenWaysToSupportWriters. It wasn’t just about the increasing importance of following your favorite authors on amazon and goodreads (those algorithms) and writing short reviews on amazon and goodreads (again, algorithms) and pre-ordering their books (at all on-line bookshops). (HINT! A Conspiracy of Wolves is available for preorder now!) It was also about authors supporting each other.  My favorites from Joanne Harris’s list:

1. Writers need support at all levels, whether they’re just starting out or whether they’re well-established veterans. We often feel isolated in our work. We can – and should – try to help each other.

2. If you’re an established, successful author, try to pass on some of your experience. You can do it at any level – on social media, or by mentoring an upcoming writer who needs help. If anyone helped you on the way up, try to pass it on someday.

3. On the other hand, think hard before making requests of a fellow-writer, especially if you don’t know them in real life. And never ask a writer to do something (editing, manuscript assessment, etc) that any other professional would charge for.

4. Like their book? Post a review. So much of marketing relies on algorithms nowadays, and reviews often mean greater visibility.

5. You may not be able to buy every one of their books. But you can order them from the library, which means another sale for your author friend.

6. If you do buy a book, try to either pre-order, or buy during the first week of the book’s release. Pre-orders do a lot to ensure that publishers continue with a series. And the first week is especially important for placement in the book charts.

8. Support under-represented groups of writers. If you have a platform, by all means use it to help; but most of all try to listen, and to amplify their voices.

10. Understand that supporting other writers does not diminish your success. Quite the opposite: any support that you can give that makes the community of writers stronger, also benefits you.

Hm… I eliminated only two, and only because I’m still pondering them. What do you think of these?

Do follow Joanne on Twitter–she’s so inspiring. Oh, that’s another one–follow your favorite writers on twitter and facebook! HINT! (Instagram as well, I’m sure, though I haven’t added that to my time killers.)

See you tomorrow in Edmonds!