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Forgive my long silence. It’s been a productive time! In early December I reviewed the copy edit of the 11th Owen Archer, A Conspiracy of Wolves, and approved the gorgeous cover. Here it is! (Didn’t the team at Severn House do a great job?!) The jacket copy:

“1374  When a member of one of York’s most prominent families is found dead in the woods, his throat torn out, rumours spread like wildfire that wolves are running loose throughout the city. Persuaded to investigate by the victim’s father, former Captain of the Guard Owen Archer is convinced that a human killer is responsible.  But before he can gather sufficient evidence to prove his case, a second body is discovered, brutally beaten and stabbed to death. Is there a connection? What secrets are contained within the victim’s household and circle of friends? And what does apprentice healer Alisoun know that she’s not telling?

“Teaming up with Geoffrey Chaucer, who is in York on a secret mission on behalf of Prince Edward, Owen’s enquiries will draw him headlong into a deadly conspiracy.”

Severn House will publish the hardcover in the UK on 30 April, followed by the ebook on 1 August. The first of August is also the date for publication in the US and Canada, in both formats. Your wait is almost over!

The reception of the third Kate Clifford, A Murdered Peace, has been wonderful! A sampling:

“Just when I think Candace Robb can’t get any better as a writer, she does. I really enjoyed the previous two Kate Clifford books, and this brings her story together in a compelling way. The characters continue to be engaging and interesting. The story moves at a quick pace, but yet still gives time for development and thoughtful insights. A great read!” –Amy J Rio (Goodreads)

“I have read and enjoyed all of Candace Robb’s novels, but she really out did herself in this one. The characters are complex and beautifully developed as we watch the growth in Kate Clifford’s relationships with two strong and appealing men–Berend and Elric–and watch the two men grow in admiration for one another.” Judith E. Kuhn (Amazon)

“The best in the series so far. An intricate plot that never loses its way, no matter how far the web stretches, and a perfect evocation and place and the turbulent political times that comes to York.” –Chris Nickson (Goodreads)

“Kate Clifford is an ideal heroine, independent, beautiful, ingenious, loving, and always the searcher. Ms Robb provides us with actions that demand answers by characters that are believable and always striving for answers to mysteries. Great read.” –Kenneth Boyle (Goodreads)

Thank you all, readers and reviewers! I’m feeling the love.

What am I doing now? Wrestling with the opening chapters of the 12th Owen Archer and with a new website which will incorporate this blog. Changes coming…