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I am delighted to announce that I’ve signed a contract with Diversion Books for the US and Canadian re-release of the Owen Archer and the Margaret Kerr mysteries—in trade more fb books 002paperback and, at long last, E-BOOK (all platforms). This includes the four books never before published in the US, The Guilt of Innocents and A Vigil of Spies (Owen Archer 9 and 10) and The Fire in the Flint and A Cruel Courtship (Margaret Kerr 2 and 3).

Stay tuned here, or sign up on the mailing list on my website for the latest updates. I’m so excited!

As I assembled the files for the production team I caught glimpses of characters I’ve sorely missed or almost forgotten about: Brother Wulfstan in the early Owen Archers, his warm affection for Lucie Wilton, Jasper’s devotion to him; Christiana, Margaret Kerr’s mother, how challenged she was in her mothering, the gorgeous furnishings she took with her to the nunnery.

What scenes or characters from the two series linger in your imagination? I’d love to hear!